Your search for an escape plan is over…

The book will teach you how my mentees get promoted:
1. The value of being well-rounded (aka “3-D”)
2. How to identify and develop high value skills to stand out from peers
3. The importance of Impact, how to define it, and how to discuss it
4. The art of treating your promotion like a project and how to get there in a year

“This was such a great read. This book is nicely laid out where the author explains his 3D framework for mastering your Primary Skills, acquiring Complementary Skills, and amassing Impact. Although I’m not entry level I thought everything was super applicable and it was refreshing to read. I wish I had something like this when I was starting out in my career, you won’t get this type of perspective on your own so don’t hesitate to buy the book. See it as a small price to jump start your career. The one golden nugget that really stood out to me was the chapter on Impact. This is something most don’t think about early on in their careers and it’s so good. Honestly that chapter alone can carry you through multiple promotions throughout the extent of your career.” – 5 star review